Solton aart P-15 A

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The aart P 15 A is a self powered, bi-amped 2-Way high-performance multipurpose loudspeaker system, designed for professional portable applications and installations demanding the ultimate in sound performance from a single enclosure.
With a 90° x 60° coverage pattern it combines very high output capability with excellent sound performance and impact.
It features a powerful 15” (380mm) /4” (100mm) voice coil LF drive unit, and a HF compression driver with a 3” voice coil for extended high frequency response.
The integrated high performance Class D 2-channel amplifier, with integrated 2-channel DSP with FIR technology, delivers outstanding dynamic and excellent headroom. The 4 DSP presets and clearly arranged Input - Output section enable high application flexibility.
The versatile aart P 15 A suits for speech and music applications as a stand-alone fullrange loudspeaker or MF/HF speaker in sound reinforcement systems.


Bullet point High-class performance in a compact design
Bullet point Class D bi-amped power module
Bullet point Vertical and horizontal orientation
Bullet point 4 DSP presets, FIR
Bullet point Dual-band limiter
Bullet point Two inputs with level control, XLR/6.3 Jack Combo ,one with MIC/LINE switch and with high- resolution microphone pre-amplifiers (in MIC mode)
Bullet point Line/Mix OUT switchable
Bullet point Main and monitor operation possible
Bullet point M8 inserts for flexible mounting options
Bullet point Weight only 21 kg


Loudspeaker Type

Self-powered, two-way bi-amped, multifunctional

Frequency Range (-10dB) 45 Hz - 20 kHz

Frequency Response (+- 3dB) 55 Hz - 18 kHz

Coverage Pattern H 90° x V 60° nominal

Power Handling 700 W continuous, 2800 W peak

System Sensitivity (1w/1m) 100 dB

Maximum SPL (Calculated at 1m) 128 dB continuous, 134 dB peak

HF Driver 3" voice coil, 1,4" exit compression driver

LF Driver 15", 4" voice coil neodym speaker aaCRAAFT

Crossover Active / DSP

Protection Dual-band limiter

Active Tuning / Features

4 DSP presets, FIR, 2 x Line/Mic IN level & switch, Line/Mix OUT switchable

Enclosure Multi-angle, PP composite

Finish Black textured paint

Fittings 2x M8 inserts, 2x handle, pole-mount socket

Protective Grille Black perforated steel with acoustic transparent foam backing

Connectors 2x XLR / 6.35 Jack Combo, 1x XLR, PowerCon In/Out

Dimensions mm (WxHxD) 420 x 695 x 380

Weight 21 kg


Bullet point Portable sound reinforcement

Bullet point Installation

Bullet point Live Music

Bullet point Bars and restaurants

Bullet point Nightclubs

Bullet point Stage monitoring

Bullet point Corporate AV events and conferences


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