Showtec Phantom 250 Spot 250 W Spot Moving Head

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Bright 250 watt Spot Moving Head

Motorised zoom, focus & 2 frosts

2 colour wheels with 7 colours + white

3 correction filters (CTB, ½ CTO & CTO)

7 bi-rotating gobos (6 metal, 1 glass) + open

The Showtec Phantom 250 Spot is a compact yet bright 250 watt Spot Moving Head including various functions and effects, suitable for indoor venues. Its 6 metal and 1 glass bi-rotating gobos + open and two prisms (5-facet linear & 6-facet circular) create stunning images. They can be shown in various colour combinations thanks to its two colour-wheels each with 7 colours + white. The second colour wheel is equipped with 3 correction filters, namely CTB, ½ CTO and CTO. With this you can use 3 shades for each colour. Equipped with two frost lenses, a motorised zoom and focus, the beam of the Phantom 250 Spot can range from a tight, focused beam to a wide, soft wash effect. Furthermore, you can control it either manually and via DMX. W-DMX for wireless communication is optional. Besides having a compact, stylish design and an easy quick lock bracket system, the Phantom 250 Spot is utmost reliable and long-lasting, making it perfect for quick rigging on stage, time and time again.


Light Source Type LED

Light Source Type Spot LED

Light Source Quantity 1

Light Source Power 250 W

LED Colour Type CW

LED Colour Type Spot White

Lux @ 2m 65.751 lx

Lux @ 3m 29.223 lx

Lux @ 5m 10.520 lx

Lumen Total 9932 lm

CRI 76

CCT 10000 K


Zoom Type Motorised

Zoom Ratio 1:2

Zoom Minimum 13 °

Zoom Maximum 28 °

Frost Yes

Focus Motorised

Iris No

Control and Programming

Control Mode Built-in Program, DMX, Manual

DMX Channels 12, 16

Protocols DMX

Wireless Optional

Display LCD

Dynamic Effects

Dimmer 0-100 %

Strobe 0-20 Hz

Shutter Yes

Prism 1 6-facet

Prism 2 5-facet

Prism Overlay No

Prism Index & Rotate Yes

Colour System Double Colour Wheel

Colour Wheel Index & Rotate Yes

Dichroic Colour Wheel 1 7 + Open

Dichroic Colour Wheel 2 7 + Open

Gobo System Glass + Metal

Gobo Wheel Index & Rotate Yes

Gobo Wheel 1 7 + Open

Gobo Size 25,75 mm

Image Size 21,6 mm


Pan 540 °

Tilt 270 °

Pan/Tilt Resolution 16-bit

Continuous Movement No

Electrical Specifications and Connections

Power Supply 100-240 VAC 50-60 Hz

Power Consumption 375 W

Fuse 7 A

Power Connector in Pro Power Blue

Power Connector out ProPower Grey

DMX Connector XLR 3P In/Out

DMX Connector in XLR 3P

DMX Connector out XLR 3P

Mechanical Specifications

Length (mm) 351 mm

Width (mm) 220 mm

Height (mm) 514 mm

Weight 18 kg

IP Rating IP20 Rear

Housing Metal, Plastic

Colour Black

Product Properties

Cooling Axial fan


Mounting Options Quick-Lock

Safety Attachment Yes

Safety Eyes 1

Thermal Specifications

Maximum Ambient Temperature 40 °C

Maximum Surface Temperature 40 °C

Minimum Operating Temperature -10 °C


Reference Standard CE

Included Items

Included Cables ProPower Cable

Included Rigging Quick-Lock Bracket

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