Showgear DJ Player Stand Steel - 330-480 mm

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Heavy duty stand

Arm with 3 rotating positions

Upper plate with adjustable angle

Three stand positions on base plate

This stand is designed for bigger cd player models like CDJ 750 – 2000 but can be used for any table top CD player that fits the plate size 370 x 320 mm. The base is a heavy 5 mm steel plate that ensures a solid ground. The plate can be angLED into your desired position, the arm has 3 rotation points and the in height adjustable pipe can be placed at 3 positions. This solid stand gives you maximum flexibility with a stylish finish.

Mechanical Specifications

Width (mm) 325 mm

Length (mm) 375 mm

Minimum Height (mm) 330 mm

Maximum Height (mm) 480 mm

Width Main Desk 320 mm

Length Main Desk 375 mm

Footconstruction Flat Base

Stand Application DJ Stand

Weight 8.3 kg

Maximum Load 15 kg

Material Steel

Colour Black

Included Items

Included Accessories Hex (Inbus) key


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