SVK-22R Beam 480W Panasonic Lamp

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SVK-22R Beam
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Light bulb: 480W Panasonic lamp
Color Temperature:7800K
Power consumption:650W
Movement: Pan 540°; Tilt: 270° (16 bit scanning)
Color wheel 1: 14 colors+open, two way rainbow effect
Static Gobo Wheel: 7 pattern + 5 white lights of different sizes+white
Prism: 8+8+8 prisms, 16 prisms (double prisms can be superimposed 40,Canbe rotated independently in both directions)
Atomization: 0-100% linear atomization.
DMX channel: 16 CH
Dimension:342*275*533 mm
Weight:19.3 kg

SVK Lighting

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