Solton SL 210 Line Array

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SL 210

The SL 210 is a 2-way, full range line array cabinet that combines superior sound quality with easiness and flexibility in a simple system.

With a 100°H x 10°V nominal directivity pattern it combines high output capability with excellent sound performance in a compact enclosure, made of 15/21 mm birch plywood.

It features two powerful 10” / 2,5” voice coil Neodym drive units for the mid-bass range, and one Beyma Neodym low-distortion compression driver with a 2,88” voice coil and 1,4“ exit for extended high frequency response.

The line wave-forming waveguides of HF driver is hornloaded.

An advanced passive crossover, with PTC driver protection, matches the components working perfectly together.

The SL 210 vertical line array element is suited to a wide variety of mobile and installed applications where a flexible and easy to use vertical array systems is needed. Flying and Stacking operation possible.


Loudspeaker Type Two-way, passive, fullrange, line array element

Frequency Range (-10dB) 55 Hz - 20 kHz

Frequency Response (+- 3dB) 60 Hz -18 kHz

Coverage Pattern H 100° x V 10° nominal

Power Handling 800 W continuous, 3200 W peak

System Sensitivity (1w/1m) 103 dB

Maximum SPL (Calculated at 1m) 132 dB continuous, 138 dB peak

HF Driver 3" VC Beyma Neodym compression driver, horn loaded with waveguide

LF Driver 2 x 10", 2,5" VC Neodym

Nominal Impedance 8 ohms

Crossover 1.000 kHz, passive

Protection PTC driver protection

Enclosure 15/21 mm birch plywood

Finish Black polyurea coating, IP 54

Fittings 3x Handles, Integrated 3 Point quick lock rigging system

Protective Grille Powder coated, black perforated steel with acoustic cloth inside

Connectors 2x Speakon NL 4, 1+/1- / 2+/2- to Sub

Dimensions mm (WxHxD) 680 x 294 x 430

Weight 23 kg


Bullet point High output Line Array element

Bullet point Passive operation

Bullet point Stacked operation possible

Bullet point Fullrange capability

Bullet point High quality, low distortion HF compression drivers

Bullet point Very stable horizontal coverage

Bullet point Advanced crossover with HF protection

Bullet point Fast, 3-point flying rigging system for up to 12 enclosures

Bullet point Compact size

Bullet point Only 23 kg



Bullet point Theaters

Bullet point Arenas and stadiums with reasonable speaker quantity

Bullet point Medium size festivals

Bullet point Clubs

Bullet point Corporate events

Bullet point Contemporary churches

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