Showtec Solaris 3.0

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3,000 mW Full-colour laser with ILDA and Art-Net control

Full colour spectrum thanks to analogue laser control

45° laser scan angle, scanning up to 30 kpps at 8°

Low beam divergence (<1.6 mrad at full angle)

The Solaris 3.0 is a powerful 3,000-mW RGB laser projector, intended for use in large venues. You can control it through your lighting console or software by Art-Net or ILDA. By using linear analogue dimming modulation, the Solaris 3.0 can generate the full spectrum of colours. Its very precise and high-quality construction ensure perfect matching of the RGB beams and distortion-free images. Its wide 45° beam angle allows for large projection areas. It comes with all the necessary safety measures, like scanning system overload protection, a keyed interlock system, scan-fail safety, aperture masking plate, emergency stop system, and a keyed remote.


Laser Power 3000 mW

Laser Source Diode

Laser Modulation Analog

Laser Class 4

Laser Colour Red, Green, Blue

Laser Power Total 3000 mW

Laser Power Red 700 mW

Laser Wavelength Red 637 nm

Laser Power Green 1000 mW

Laser Wavelength Green 520 nm

Laser Power Blue 1400 mW

Laser Wavelength Blue 445 nm

Control and Programming

Control Mode Art-Net, DMX, ILDA


Laser Scanner Speed 30 K

Laser Scan Angle max. 45°

Electrical Specifications and Connections

Power Supply 100-240 VAC 50-60 Hz

Power Consumption 100 W

Power Connector in powerCON TRUE1

Power Connector out powerCON TRUE1

Data Connector ILDA DB25

Data Connector in ILDA DB25 Male

Data Connector out ILDA DB25 Female

Mechanical Specifications

Height (mm) 213 mm

Width (mm) 284 mm

Depth (mm) 186 mm

Weight 5.1 kg

IP Rating IP20 (indoor use only)

Housing Aluminium

Colour Black

Product Properties

Cooling Forced Convection

Safety Features Interlock, Key Switch, Safety Eye

Laser Scanner 30 kpps

Thermal Specifications

Maximum Ambient Temperature 40 °C


Mounting Options Bracket, Floor

Safety Attachment Yes

Included Items

Included Cables powerCON TRUE1 cable, RS232 cable

Included Accessories Interlock key(s)

Included Rigging Bracket


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