Showtec Media Panel V-Mount Battery Holder

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The V-Mount Battery holder allows you to run your Media Panel on two V-Mount batteries. It has an ergonomic carrying handle to carry it easily. The 2,5m connection cable allows you to use your Media Panels on a stand and keeping your batteries stable on the floor. The V-Mount Battery holder comes excluding batteries.

Mechanical Specifications

Length (mm) 150 mm

Width (mm) 93 mm

Height (mm) 205 mm

Weight 1.759 kg

Material Aluminium

Colour Black


Battery Type V-Mount camera battery

Electrical Specifications and Connections

Power Connector out Low Voltage DC Socket

Output Voltage 24 VDC

Product Properties

Handles Top

Handles Type Surface

Included Items

Included Cables Low voltage DC plug cables

Included Accessories None


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