SHOWTEC LMPY 40 2 Universe DMX console

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The Showtec LMPY console range is designed to maximize creativity with the most logical and user friendly work surface in mind. The range consists of 2 consoles in both 2 different feature sets. The programming section is minimalistic but optimized to the need and features multiple 1.3” O-LED displays for providing all the necessary info to the user. All consoles also feature a 10.1” touchscreen with an intuitive and user-friendly interface which is instantly recognizable. Below the touchscreen, the 10 playbacks can store anything from a group-master up to chases and complex cue-lists. Next to it a dedicated master cue stack section can be found. 9 memory pages will ensure plenty of storage space for your show. Depending on the model, the LMPY consoles have 10 or 30 extra multi-function faders available. They can be assigned as fixture selection/dimmer, group-masters or scenes with an RGB indication LED showing the current fader mode/state or output colour. A total of 40 virtual executors are available on the touchscreen or external monitor. This way users can freely layout their show depending on their specific conditions for usage during events, touring productions, theatres, house of worship or schools. Standard all consoles provide a single DMX universe. By adding the LMPY Dongle another universe is available, together with enabling ArtNet, sACN, OSC and the magic sheet on the external screen output.

  • Intuitive and easy to use interface
  • 10.1” Full Colour Touchscreen
  • Colour Picker with Quick colours and Filter library
  • Built-in Effects engine
  • Programming section with multiple 1.3” O-LED display

Power Consumption 35 W

Fixtures 1024

DMX Universes 2

Playback Faders 40

DMX channels 1024

Connection DMX 2x XLR 3p / 2x XLR 5p

Weight 11.8 kg

DMX Outputs 4

Ethernet Ports 1

USB Port 4

Connection Power Pro Power input

Touchscreen 10.1 Inch Full Color

Housing Metal @ Flame retardant plastic

Dimensions LxWxH 721 x 345 x 128 mm

Ambient Temp. 0 ~ +35 °C

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