Showtec Galactic RGB-2000 2000-mW Full Colour Laser with ILDA

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2000 mW Full-colour laser with analogue modulation

ILDA, DMX, master/slave, and stand-alone modes

30K scanning speed

85 individual patterns

Project your own text or logo using appropriate ILDA software

The Galactic RGB-2000 is a strong 2000-mW full-colour laser projector for larger indoor venues. By using analogue dimming of each of the red, green, and blue lasers, the full spectrum of colours can be created. It offers stand-alone, master/slave, DMX-512, and ILDA control modes. It can read pre-programmed images (from ILD files) and shows (from PRG files – chases of multiple ILD files) from the included SD card, and you can program your own text or logo for projection using appropriate ILDA software. It has 85 internal patterns available, which can be selected through DMX. It is equipped with an internal microphone and can react to sound or music. It offers a wide 36° scanning angle, and its scanning speed of 30 kHz provides smooth motions and images. Strobe, zoom, 3-axis rotation, wave, pattern drawing style, and clipping effects offer lots of possibilities.

Please note that an optionally available remote interlock may be mandatory for legal operation. A remote interlock test connector is included for service purposes.


Laser Power 2000 mW

Laser Source Diode

Laser Modulation TTL

Laser Class 4

Laser Colour Red, Green, Blue

Laser Power Total 2000 mW

Laser Power Red 500 mW

Laser Wavelength Red 638 nm

Laser Power Green 500 mW

Laser Wavelength Green 520 nm

Laser Power Blue 1000 mW

Laser Wavelength Blue 450 nm

Control and Programming

Control Mode DMX, ILDA

DMX Channels 1, 13

Display LCD


Laser Scanner Speed 30 K

Laser Scan Angle max. 36 °

Electrical Specifications and Connections

Power Supply 100-240 VAC 50-60 Hz

Power Consumption 50 W

Power Connector in IEC C13 female

DMX Connector XLR 3P In/Out

DMX Connector in XLR 3P

DMX Connector out XLR 3P

Mechanical Specifications

Height (mm) 21.1 mm

Width (mm) 296 mm

Depth (mm) 247 mm

Weight 4,9 kg

IP Rating IP20 (indoor use only)

Housing Aluminium

Colour Black

Product Properties

Cooling Axial fan

Safety Features Interlock, Key Switch

Thermal Specifications

Maximum Ambient Temperature 40 °C


Mounting Options Bracket

Safety Attachment Yes


Reference Standard CE

Laser Safety EN/IEC-60825-1


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