Venga 12 12" Active Plastic vented party speaker system

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The Venga 12 is a truly versatile active speaker which boosts your party to the next level. It is compact and rough and offers a dynamic and powerful sound.
Its built-in MP3 player allows you to play any song direct from your USB/SD card. Moreover the build in FM Tuner lets you stay tuned to your favorite radio channel.
Furthermore the Venga 12 is equipped with full connectivity to connect your microphone or any other external line signal such as laptop, CD Player, MP3 Player and so on.
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Built in Amplifier
  • Including MP3 player and Tuner
  • Multiple Audio Inputs

System 2 Way Active Speaker System

Continuous Power 100W

Horn Coverage 90° H x 45° V

Indicators Power

Power Supply AC 230V / 50 Hz

External controls Volume, Bass, Treble, Echo, XLR/Guitar Volume

SPL@1m 90dB +/- 2dB

Frequency response 30Hz – 18kHz

Woofer 12”

Driver 1”

Construction Plastic Cabinet, rubber feet, ergonomic handle

Mounting 35mm pole-mount

Connectors Combo XLR, 6,3mm Jack, RCA

Dimensions 425 x 345 x 655mm

Weight 14 kg

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