Showgear CS-4M/5 - 4-channel DMX shuttle snake via network cable 4-channel 5-pin DMX (male) to RJ45 CAT (female) adapter

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Suitable for converting 4 universes to a single CAT cable

75 cm long cables

Colour coded for easy identification

Digital 110 Ohm DMX cable

The Showgear CS-4M/5 is a 4-channel colour coded DMX Shuttle for connecting four female 5-pin DMX connectors to an RJ45 internet data connector. This allows you to send data of four universes through one single CAT cable.

All four male DMX connectors are colour coded for easy identification and have a cable length of 75 cm. We recommend to use a shielded CAT cable for optimum results.

Electrical Specifications and Connections

Impedance 110

DMX Connector in XLR 5P

Data Connector out RJ45

Pins 5

Mechanical Specifications

Length (mm) 930

Height (mm) 32

Width (mm) 25

Weight 0.271

IP Rating IP20 (indoor use only)

Housing Aluminium

Colour Black

Product Properties

Locking Device Latch

Contact Type Nickel plated

Conductors 3

Thermal Specifications

Maximum Ambient Temperature 40

Minimum Ambient Temperature -20


Reference Standard CE


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