Showgear Multifunctional Tablet Stand Suitable for 6-10'' tablets

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6"-10" universal fit

Flexible H/V position adjustment

Table clamp, foot plate, microphone stand clamp

Max height 240 mm

The Showgear Multifunctional Tablet Stand is a one-in-all solution for tablets. Due to the 3-way adjustable holder with rubber grips it fits many types of tablets from 6-10 inches. The holder is connected on the accessory by an mechanism with 2 ball joints. This makes it possible to adjust it easily in any position horizontal or vertical. There are 3 accessories included, table clamp, foot plate and a microphone stand clamp.

Mechanical Specifications

Width (mm) 170 mm

Stand Application Tablet Stand

Weight 1.15 kg

Maximum Load 3 kg

Material Aluminium, Plastic, Steel

Colour Black


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